Infotainment – I’m pissed off, man!

I cannot stand CNN/MSNBC/FOXNEWS/LOCAL (pseudo)NEWS channels!  I am not experiencing a 3am epiphany moment — it has been, in fact, a slow process of getting disenchanted with TV in general.

Some say it’s the advent of “reality TV” that killed any serious content that was still left.  I tend to think “reality TV” is simply a symptome of a much bigger problem — the corporatization of NEWS. What do I mean by that?  Well, any NEWS organization is treated as a profit center, which means that it’s purpose is to make profit.   Every expense made, should be made with some profits or margins in mind.   NEWS is supported by advertisment sales.  The more businesses are eager to advertise in a TV/Radio station or news paper, the more ad money is collected by media businesses.   As a result, news becomes a commodity that is shaped and changed to bring as much profits as possible.

Hypothetically speaking — news on California cattle-growers getting together to collect methaine from animal byproducts to supply energy to local homes, although it’s important and probably newsworthy (in terms of showing us ways to recycle and save energy), is not sexy.  It doesn’t generate as much readership as would, say, Britney shaving her head.   As a result, Britney makes frontpage, 12 o’clock news and gets invited on Larry King to discuss her inspiration for shaving her head.  Why does this happen? Because people in general find Britney more interesting than cow manure; therefore, more people will tune in to watch, which means more advertising revenue for the medium.

Another part of “news” that irritates me is COMMENTARY!  Anderson Cooper — shut the fuck up!   I am not interested in how you, and all the other pseudo-journalists interpret the news.  I don’t need you to comment on what you think is happening — let me gather the data, and come up with my own analysis of what is happening.   Since when are journalists experts at everything they report on (Katrina, the Economy, Law and Foreign Policy)? In other words, Anderson, this is how it should work:

– You’re the Provider – you provide information stricly in factual basis ..completely unfiltered

– I’m the Collector – I collect your information and that of other sources

– ..and I’m the Decider (<– copyright: G. W. Bush) – decide how I interpret and comment on the news

However, I’m certain that Anderson will not stop.  His “Anderson Cooper 360” show — yes, I call it a show — will expand to include other spinoffs like “Anderson Cooper 720”,  “Anderson Cooper and Friends”, ..and finally “Anderson Cooper’s: Who wants to be  a Journalist.”   The thing with Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, and Co. is that they break it down for us.    Thinking is hard, man!  People don’t have time to sit and break down information — we want things broken down.  Instant gratification!    If our food is processed, why shouldn’t our news be?   Therefore, we need Anderson to break down news for us ..tell us exactly what emotion we should be getting out what he’s covering.  There, …isn’t that easier?!

The last thing I heard about the death of news is that blogsphere killed it!  Blogsphere?!   Let’s get something straight.   Some journalists may be bloggers, but not all bloggers are journalists.    I blog, but I would never, never call my 7th-grade writing skill level, journalism.  I don’t create news — I just use my very limited information on a huge subject of study on K101 and create axioms and theories (99% of them probably all wrong) on how I think things should work or be.

…it’s 5.21 am — I should probably take something for my heartburn and go back to sleep.

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  1. And thus our civilizations ends: not with a bang, but with a whimper.. Shall we help them dig their grave a bit deeper?

  2. Anderson Cooper is hot! I will listen to anything he says twice…..that’s why ‘Anderson Cooper 720’ is the perfect show for me.

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