Reklama me e mire e birres – Carlton Draught

Reklamat e birrave jane nga reklamat me te bukura, me terheqese dhe me komike ne TV. Sidoqofte, une mendoj qe reklama me e bukur eshte kjo me poshte e Carlton Draught.

Ne kete reklame, jo vetem nxjerrin ne pah produktin, por kenga qe e shoqeron nxjerr ne pah edhe arsyjen pse po behet reklama: “This is a very big ad, …it better sell more beer!” (Kjo eshte reklame shume e madhe, …duhet se s’ben t’shesi me teper birre!” ).

Por kryesore ne reklame eshte ndjenja e harese, freskise dhe shija!

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  1. Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tricky at all!”

  2. And the winner is Pam Richardson Moore. Thanks for being the first to “like” our new Facebook page. This give away is now closed. Blessings, Natasha

  3. Yes, I noticed that you mentioned that in a later posting after I've already left the comment. What I tried to say in my comment was that the specific mention of $10 and $20 makes them look like special prices for the special endings. But in fact, they are only 2 degenerative cases of the original rule, not an exception. If the players apply the X2 X4 rule, they will arrive at the same result. The false impression of an exception makes the simple rule look more complicated as it actually is.

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